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You can contact the Sketts office - call 01789 267000 for information about the markets.

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Project One
RussellOne of the most important food trends in recent years has been local food: produce with a guaranteed provenance. Sales of local food have grown more strongly than other trends such as Fairtrade or organic according to a recent national newspaper article. The same article cited examples of how many of the supermarkets are jumping on the bandwagon, misleading customers by putting happy farmer images on their labels and even a restaurant offering ‘Hampshire Spring Lamb’ – imported from New Zealand.*
By contrast, customers at Sketts Farmers’ Markets can be entirely confident. Working with them is an accreditation officer with soil association experience. ‘We led the way in putting together the Farmers’ Market conditions, guidelines and application form,’ says Caroline. ‘It’s good that Sketts are clearly determined to maintain the highest standards.’
They can quote plenty of examples of successful local businesses that gained their first retail foothold through Farmers Markets and remain regular stallholders. ‘There’s people like Mike Wilkes bringing his freshly picked vegetables and Lighthorne Lamb who developed customer loyalty at Farmers’ Markets and has grown the business – now with almost ten times the original breeding ewe flock size.’  The great recent success of Urban Herbs proves that Farmers and fine food events are going from strength to strength.